Behind the Scenes at the San Diego Zoo

Keds on rail

It was my birthday a few days ago and my mom came down to celebrate with me.  We decided to go to the San Diego Zoo for happy hour but would wander around and check out the animals first.  I’m a total softy for animals!  As I’m lacing up my trusty Keds for Kate Spade New York, my boyfriend surprised us with backstage passes!  I turned into a little giggling 5 year old… I was so excited!

The backstage pass tour is so much more than I could have ever expected!  We got to see a cheetah (with her bff a dog!), a serval, a bearcat, an African bird that I’m blanking on the name of, and an Arctic Wolf (that howled for us!).  On top of all that goodness, we got to feed and pet a rhino!!  Oh and of course I can’t forget to mention playing beer pong with the flamingos!!  Just kidding… we were just feeding them but it looked like beer pong with all the red Solo cups (heehee)!  I was walking around that place with a perma-grin after all that animal interaction!  I highly recommend splurging on the backstage pass if you’re at the San Diego Zoo.  It was worth it!!  Check out a few photos from our adventure below… can you tell I had a great time?!

P.S. – I’m still giggling as I write this!




Arctic Wolf

Bear cat

Horned Bill


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