Throw Back Thursday: Catalina Island

The Inn on Mount Ada stepsI love the whole idea of Throw Back Thursday.  It gives us a chance to look through old photos and relive some fond memories.  For our 3rd year together last October, Tyler and I went to Catalina Island’s historic Inn on Mount Ada to celebrate.  If you ever want to get spoiled rotten, this is the place to do it!  Situated on the tip top of the hill next to the main part of Avalon, the views from all the rooms are spectacular.  It’s fun too that you have access to free champagne, beer, and wine whenever you like.  We took advantage of that by starting each morning with a round of mimosas.  Hey, we were on vacation!!  Other than that perk, we had some of the most delicious breakfasts and lunches each day and they also hosted a really nice happy hour in the lounge room.

Cars are hard to come by on the Island.  Apparently, residents are on a mile long waiting list to bring a car over.  So most people get around the island on golf carts.  The Inn provides each room with a golf cart for your use whenever you like.  We spent a lot of our visit just wandering around on the golf cart trying to find the best view on the island.  Avalon is a gorgeous little tourist town where you can do anything from lay in the sand to fancy dinners.  Many people come to the island just for the day so after the last ferry leaves, the island is much more quiet and you feel like you’re on your own.

The weekend we were there happened to be a really big jazz festival.  We didn’t plan on going but lucked into some tickets from guests at the Inn who needed to leave early.  We thought, “Why not?!” So we wandered on over to the Avalon Casino Ballroom not really expecting much since we didn’t consider ourselves jazz fans but ended up having the most ridiculously good time! We clapped, danced, and congaed the night away to bands like Trombone Shorty.  I love when amazing memorable nights just happen on accident.  I have to say now… I’m officially a jazz fan!  Can you believe it?!

Enjoying our morning mimosas with a beautiful view of Avalon

Enjoying our morning mimosas with a beautiful view of Avalon

Taking in the view from our room

Taking in the view from our room

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