Book Review: The Little Black Book of Style By Nina Garcia

Black Book

Holy Smokes.  The Little Black Book of Style is one of my favorite “Style Guides” that I’ve read so far.  It really makes you think about your style, where you are going with it, and what’s important.  I love that it’s not just wear this or that.  Nina Garcia talks about confidence and inspiration as well.  In all honesty, this book made me go through my closet and get rid of a lot of clothes that straight up don’t fit or are out of style but for some reason I had a hard time parting with.  Those things were just taking up space and now I can actually see what I have!

The illustrations are also really fun and it’s chalk full of fashion quotes.  I personally love reading fashion quotes.  They’re inspiring and often hysterical.  This book is an absolute must-read and a great gift idea for the fashionistas in your life.  And if you’re ever planning on going through your closet, read this first!  🙂




Rental Review: North Shore Beach House

Hawaiian Rental House

I won’t lie… we totally lucked out on our rentals while in Hawaii.  I mean, this place is directly on the water, there’s great snorkeling right out front, and sea turtles swimming by every few minutes.  I’d give it 5 stars if it was just a place to pitch a tent with those credentials but it was so much more.  The 4 bedroom 4 bathroom house was set to impress.  There was everything you could possibly need to cook and BBQ, lots of snorkeling gear, and water shoes/fins.  We ended up spending many nights just creating our own personal luau and playing “The Turtle Game.”  The rules are basically just shout “Turtle!” when a sea turtle pops it’s head out of the water and scramble to get a glimpse.  Yeah… it’s a totally stressful environment… Not!  I think the only negatives are, for the price, we might have expected more amenities in the bathrooms (i.e.- soap, shampoo, hair dryers) but nothing you’ll die without!  The salt water will give you the best bath anyway!

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Relaxing on the beach

set in hawaii

There’s a stunning view of the sunset here!!

Here's the view from the back yard.

Here’s the view from the back yard.

We're only steps from the ocean!

We’re only steps from the ocean!

Ocean sunet