LookBook: The Bucket Hat

chelshoot2-19I love this hat so much.  It makes me feel like a modern Downton Abby character.  Now all I need is a snooty accent!  Just kidding.  With all that in mind, it just made so much sense that we would shoot this look at the trolly station.  We even had a photo bomb from a guy passing by!  Check my Facebook or Instagram for that pic.


Hat: Kate Spade New York ‘Caning’, T-Shirt: TopShop, Shorts: LuLu’s, Shoes: Sole Society c/o (Similar), Bracelet: Stella & Bow (Similar), Necklace: Kate Spade New York

Music Festival Look

DSC_0093I read somewhere recently that said the boho look was dead.  How could boho possibly be dead when music festival season is just getting started?!  I’m choosing to ignore this piece of fashion advice.  To me, music festivals are where we bring out our most Woodstock-worthy attire.  Not to mention hats and long flowy cardigans are just plain practical when you’re standing outside in the blazing sun for hours.

My last look’s hat would be perfect for a music festival so was easily remixed for the Take One, Pass It On Challenge.  This lacy fringe cardigan will look great as I’m dancing too!  These types of festivals can also get super dusty or muddy depending on the weather so be sure to not wear your best shoes.  These beat up old vintage Coach boots are comfortable and if they get more wear it’ll only make them better at this point.  I chose to forgo my usual black eyeliner and kept my makeup to a minimum.  That way, after a long day in the sun, I won’t end up with the dreaded raccoon eyes.  I used MAC pigment powder in Rose Gold for my shadow, dabbed a little underneath for definition, added a touch of mascara and that’s it!

And P.S. – Don’t forget tons of sunscreen!


Hat: Brixton (Similar), Tank: Equipment (Similar), Fringe Cardigan: Mono B (Via Junc.Life) (Similar), Shorts: J.Crew, Necklace: Samantha Wills, Bracelet: Handmade (Via Make Good), Boots: Vintage Coach



Denim Jacket Remix

DSC_0066It’s finally that delightful time of year that’s full of warm days and cool nights.  That means layers are essential.  For today’s Take One, Pass It On Challenge item, I’m remixing my Burberry denim jacket to be more of an accessory by tying it around my waist.  It’s part of the look but also practical when the temperatures start to dip.

DSC_0050DSC_0086DSC_0047DSC_0116Top: Ella Moss, Pants: 7 for All Mankind (Similar), Jacket: Burberry (Similar), Hat: Brixton (Similar), Shoes: Sole Society c/o, Bangle: Hermès, Necklace: Zara (Similar & Similar)




Interview With Sandra Espinet

With each new year brings new colors, trends, and styles.  I turned to Sandra Espinet to help navigate the year’s changes and get some style inspiration.  Here’s that conversation:

Wandering In Heels: We all know the Pantone Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid but are there any other colors we should look out for?

Sandra Espinet: I’m not much for following “colors of the year.” Being a slave to trends is a great way to have your designs look dated. The world of fashion moves at a much faster rate [than interior design]. So if you buy a purple dress you can easily change it next year. But in interiors we tend to change out our furniture slowly. No one wants to have an 8 year old purple dated sofa. Right?

WIH: Absolutely not!  Unless that’s your thing, of course!  Your book, The Well-Traveled Home, shows that you pull colors from exotic locales into your home designs and talks about a “Fearless use of color.” What does that mean and do you use that same approach to fashion? How would you suggest other fashionistas be more fearless with color?

SEYes, I love colour and yes I think it’s a great way to be interesting. But style is very personal. There is no “one” style for everyone. You need to find your own style and work your own colors into your world. A great example would be to look at Jennifer Lopez and to look at Angelina Jolie. Very different colour palettes yet they both are successful in making themselves look great. They have each found their own colors.

WIH: You’ve had the opportunity to live all over the world. How has that influenced your fashion sense? How do you put together a well-traveled look?

SE: Yes, I do think travel affects everyone. It opens your eyes to how other people live and it makes you more aware of lifestyles. I do think that having lived abroad makes me a bit more adventurous with my choices and my colors. But deep down inside I am a pretty neutral person. I love clean lines and neutral colors also.

WIH: How do the latest fashion trends influence your home designs?

SE: It does not. I love to go to a few shows each year at NY Fashion Week because I do like to see what’s moving in the Fashion World. But I consider my design team and I to be design trend setters. So we look at other trends, but we also create our own.

WIH: Just like our home, we want to keep our wardrobes classic but fresh. Any tips for keeping your wardrobe classic but fresh?

SE: I think being organised is one of the most important things for a closet. That way you know what you have and what you need to get rid of. Editing and getting rid of old clothes (and yes sadly shoes) helps you not wear anything that is no longer in vogue or that no longer fits you well. It takes time to be organised. I love my closet and I spend a few hours a month on a given Sunday, cleaning out, and organising it.

WIH: You always look so polished and fabulous while traveling all over! Do you have any secrets?

SE: Non-wrinkle clothes. Really! I can pack a bag in 30 minutes and I have learned to pack light and add lots of non-wrinkle items in my carry one. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go straight from a long flight into a meeting. It makes all the difference. Linen does not travel well. Don’t wear linen pants on a flight.  Also, plan ahead and check the weather. I was just in London and Paris. I only took one pair of boots that matched all outfits so I could save space. I walked all around London and Paris in saddle brown Chanel fur lined boots.Sandra Sandra 2

For more information on Sandra Espinet, please visit her website at www.SandraEspinet.com.


Lust List: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Naked 3Man, this Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was on backorder forever!  So happy it’s finally here!  The colors are a really nice array of rosey tones so I thought this would be perfect for my skintone.  Not to mention I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with all things rose gold.  It’s been really fun testing all the colors and doing lots of combinations to find out what works for me.

DSC_0013Aren’t they pretty?!  There’s a perfect combination of shimmer, matte, light, and dark tones. The colors are rather sheer but have a totally buildable quality to them.  And when paired with one of the generous samples of Eyeshadow Primer Potion, they just last and last and last and last… get where I’m going with this?  Good.  I need to add another step to my beauty routine like I need to put a hole in my head but the Primer Potion was so incredible, I decided the extra 15 seconds a day was totally worth it.  The Eden color is what I use now and I actually put it under my eyes as well!  Stays put all day and the nice beige matte gives me a good even foundation to play with the eyeshadows on.  The trick is to use just a teenie tiny itty bitty amount of the Primer Potion.  It goes a long way and actually works better if you use less!  On another note, I’ll be totally honest with you guys (as I always am!), I don’t like the double sided brush that come with the palette.  It’s way too stiff for my liking.

DSC_0016As you can see, a lot of the really light colors get a little lost on my skintone.  For me, the first 4 colors are used as a subtle rosey base or to add a little sheen on top.  Otherwise, they’re essentially invisible.  Urban Decay did a pretty great job sticking to the rose gold category but not making every color seem like just one step darker than the next.  There are probably a million possibilities in this thing!  Here’s one of my go to favs…

DSC_0034I use Strange as the base which is a slightly pink matte color up to my brow.  Then use Buzz over the lid and added just a hint of sparkle to the inner corners with Dust.  Topped it all off by lining my eyes with Blackheart on both the top and bottom and added some mascara. Voila!  This is one of my favorite combinations to go from day to night.  We’re all busy ladies!  Not needing to touch up your makeup from one thing to the next is a major added bonus!


All in all, this is a great palette that will be nice for travel since you can do day AND night looks all in one.  Bravo, Urban Decay, Bravo!


Valentine’s Day Nails

NailsI love Valentine’s Day because it gives us an excuse to show our loved ones how much we care.  Not that we need an excuse but it’s an excuse nonetheless.  I’m definitely a girly girl at heart so painting my nails pink and sparkly for Valentine’s Day feels only natural!  I added “Love Always” Sally Hansen nail polish strips to my ring fingers for some extra fun.  And the final result was…

Nails 2Ta Da!  My nails are super short now that I started playing the banjo.  Doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with it!  Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1:  Apply Sally Hansen nail polish strips to ring finger according to package directions.  Be sure to swipe the nail with polish remover to remove any residues before applying.  Trust me.  It seems counter-intuitive but it really makes the polish strip last longer!

Step 2:  Apply two coats of Essie “Blanc” nail polish.  Let it dry completely.  The next polish is so light that adding a pure white underneath will help so you’re not adding 30 coats to achieve full color.

Step 3: Apply two coats of Deborah Lippmann “Shape of My” Heart polish.

Step 4: Top off with 1 coat of Dior Perlé iridescent matte top coat.  Make sure to add the top coat to your Sally Hansen polish strip as well.  That’ll make all your nails matte so you don’t have 1 weird shiny finger.

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!


Monday Must-Have Lust List: Peter Pilotto for Target

peter-pilotto-targetI for one am not tired at all of all these designer collaborations.  Doesn’t the saying go “Two minds are better than one” after all?  Well the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration is no exception.  It’s colorful, loud, and just plain fun!  These pieces mix and match well together or can add a pop to jeans and plain tees.  The pattern guru did not tone down his love for mixing unexpected colors and graphics for this collection, which is a refreshing aspect of this collaboration. Often we see designers try to become more “mainstream.”  Maybe the mainstream is becoming more accepting of outside-the-box designer creations or maybe Peter Pilotto just went for it.  Either way, this collection has been a smash hit in the blogosphere.  Collection launched at Target stores and Target.com today 2/10/2014.

I didn’t make it to the store but I was able to nab the pieces below online.  Stay tuned for posts on how I style these babies.Peter Pilotto