Chicago Recap: My Favorite Pics


Even though I was only there for a long weekend, I fell in love with Chicago.  I spent most of my time in the River North area (where I did my styling) and Lincoln Park.  For you San Diegans, the way Chicago is split up reminds me a lot of how San Diego has these little neighborhoods with their own vibe.  Each neighborhood is unique and only if you spend some real time there do you truly learn them.  I’ve included a picture of a map our friends had to show each section.

We totally lucked out weather-wise while we were there as well.  It snowed and got into the single digit temperatures but that famous Chicago wind was apparently on vacation.  I’m sure our long walks exploring Lincoln Park wouldn’t have been as much fun if the wind was following us.  All in all, we loved every second of our stay and we will be back!

P.S. – Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style pizza was epically delicious.  I’m talking so good you’ll eat yourself sick good.  I got the famous special with house made sausage on top.  To die for!  I’m drooling just thinking about it…


This map gives you an idea of where all the little neighborhoods are located



A typical street in Lincoln Park



The ice coming out of the rain gutter was so cool to me! It’s like it just froze instantly!



I’m so jealous of our friend’s office view…



Got to love a girl who can rock ruby red heels (Oz Park)



The face of pure joy. I loved playing in the snow! Could you tell?




Currently Wearing: Long Sleeveless Coat


Man did it snow last night!  I’m not sure how many inches the weather man said it snowed but it had to have been about 3 inches.  But the next day, blue skies were peeking through all day to make for some beautiful “exploring the city” weather.  I definitely wore gloves when we were really walking around but as long as there was no wind, I was fine in my super thick sweater and this wool sleeveless vest.  I protected my ears (a must for me in cold weather!) with a turban-like head wrap.  I did wear my leather boots around town a lot because the sole of my winter boots cracked the first day there!  Doh!  So I just was religious about wiping them down to avoid any water/salt damage.  They seem to be doing OK so make sure you do the same if you’re wearing leather shoes in this kind of weather.

DSC06020DSC06019 DSC06017DSC06015


Vest: Zara (Similar), Sweater: J.Crew (Similar), Jeans: J Brand ‘Maria’, Boots: Stuart Weitzman


This is What a California Girl in Chicago Looks Like


I’m in Chicago!  It feels weird to be here since I’ve been planning my styling weekend at Trunk Club for what feels like forever!   It didn’t feel like it would ever happen!  So far I must say I really love this city!  We’ve been walking all over the place getting the tour from our good friends that moved here almost a year ago.  We’ve totally lucked out at this point weather wise too.  Everyone in San Diego looked at us like we were nuts to go to Chicago in the winter but it really hasn’t been too bad.  I mean, I’ve been pretty bundled so really I have no excuse to complain about not being warm!  It snowed a few inches the first day while I was at Trunk Club and it felt like I was living in a beautiful snow globe!!  I know the novelty of snow has worn off for most of you people that live in snow on a regular basis but I just absolutely love it while I’m on vacation.

My absolute essentials for cold weather are ear muffs and long scarves.  I hate how my ears and chin feel when they get too cold.  Those are the first items I pack in my carry on so I can whip them out easily when we are leaving the airport.  Otherwise, having a nice thick wool coat that hits almost at my ankles has been a life saver in windy moments.





image image



Ear Muff: Micheal Micheal Kors, Scarf: Zadig & Voltaire (Similar), Coat: Jones New York, Sweater: Equipment,  Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Nine West (Similar)


Hey, Chicago! Get Styled By Wandering In Heels – Free!!

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Looking forward to meeting you!


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