Bula from Fiji

imageBula!  You hear that everywhere in Fiji.  When asked what it meant, they just replied, “It means everything!”  So we heard it coming and going and just as a joyful acknowledgment.  The people were so warm and welcoming, I felt like I was home.  If home was the most epic beach location.  I wish!

It’s hard to describe the color of the beautiful water surrounding Tokoriki Island.  It’s the most inviting blue I’ve ever come across.  It’s so toasty warm I could snorkle for hours.  And after a long snorkle, we could simply relax in the quiet of an adult only resort with a beverage and the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore.  It’s magical how beautiful Fiji has been to us.



Fiji: A View From Above

imageVisiting Fiji has always been a travel dream of mine.  I’m so excited to be able to check that one off the bucket list!  There are many ways to get from the main airport in Nadi to any of the outlying islands.  We chose helicopter because it seemed like the quickest and most fun option.  We were so lucky to be riding with another family that needed to be dropped off first at a separate island.  We felt like to got the full island tour!!




Silly in Santa Monica

DSCN0282Those of you that know me know I have kind of a huge obsession with dinosaurs.  I mean, my favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park!  (And if any of you know how I can be an extra in the 4th one, I’ll be forever indebted.)  So while I was visiting 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, I was super excited to see garden dinos!  I’m just getting my silly on in these shots so don’t judge.

While the boys watched football at Barney’s Beanery (an epic place to watch any sporting event), I got my shop on at some of the great boutiques in the area that I don’t have down in San Diego.  Brandy Melville and Kitson were my two favs.  I have some major wandering coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled on my social media!  (Instagram: @WanderingInHeels)

DSCN0288 DSCN0287 DSCN0303




Up In The Air


Man, I am so not a fan of flying.  I love travel, experiencing new places and cultures, and sampling my way through new foods but I just don’t like the act of travel.  So I distract myself by taking pictures, reading magazines, and catching up on shows like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos that I’ve downloaded.  These pics are from my last flight to Washington for a bit of crabbing and 4th of July festivities.




Tank: J.Crew, Skirt: Splendid, Sandals: Stuart Weitzman


I Got To Feed A Buffalo – Olympic Game Farm


For all the years I’ve been heading to Washington to visit family, I can’t believe I (the super duper animal lover) was the  only one in my family not to visit the Olympic Game Farm.  Not only is there a pretty incredible variety of animals in this little park, you can feed them while driving your car through it!  Hello!  This is a Chelsea dream come true!  Have you ever gotten to feed a Yak?  Or a buffalo?  How about a BABY buffalo?!  I knew I was in for a treat when the attendant tells you to “just keep moving” when you get to the Elk/Buffalo enclosure.  And let me tell you, those Elk are just as tall as our Suburban!

I had the pleasure of going in the Spring after all sorts of babies had been born.  I mean, come on!  All baby animals are just plain cute.  A lot of these animals are rescued from bad situations which makes me extra happy to see them roaming this beautiful place.  Many of the bears are retired from show business and will sit back and give you a little wave for their treat too.  Talk about cuteness overload!  If only we could hug them…

For more information on this super fun game farm, head on over to their website here.  My only recommendation is… get a car wash soon after.  Hehehe.


DSC_0143 Hungry Deer!

I've never had a deer so happy to see me!

I’ve never had a deer so happy to see me!

Bear Yoga

Bear Yoga

Baby llama sleeping in the grass

Baby llama sleeping in the grass

Hungry buffalo!!  I couldn't believe they walked right up to our cars!

Hungry buffalo!! I couldn’t believe they walked right up to our car!

Uh oh.  There's a yak in the road...

Uh oh. There’s a yak in the road…

Hungry yak!  Look at those teeth!  He has a bit of an underbite going on there...

Hungry yak! Look at those teeth! He has a bit of an underbite going on there…

Isn't this the sweetest face?!

Isn’t this the sweetest face?!

This guy trotted after us as we drove away!

This guy trotted after us as we drove away!

Uh oh.  Another yak on the road...

Uh oh. Another yak on the road…

Home on the range.  Not a bad place to be living.

Home on the range. Not a bad place to be living.



48 Hours in Vegas in 1 Backpack

BackpackBackpack: Ghurka, Fishnet Clutch: Lulu’s, Cosmetic’s Case (used for undergarments): Marc by Marc Jacobs, T-Shirts: J.Crew, Dress: House of Eleven c/o, Heels: Sole Society, Blouse: MSGM

For those of you following me on instagram (@WanderingInHeels), you know I did a last minute trip to Vegas last weekend.  For my return flight, I flew Spirit Air because it was significantly cheaper than any other flights.  However, they’re a bare bones penny pinching kind of airline.  You even have to pay for water on the flight!  So that being said, it was an additional $35 to bring a carry-on.  That’s right… no carry-ons allowed.  But you can bring one personal item as long as it fits under your seat.  I stared blankly already mentally whittling down what I was planning on bringing and then decided “Challenge Accepted, Spirit Air.”

So this is my guide for what to bring for 48 hours in Vegas all in one backpack.  I won’t lie to you and say it fit easily, but it fit (after I extended the snaps).  We were staying at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa so I needed a variety of outfits.  I needed one look for a nice dinner out, a swim suit, comfortable shoes for walking both the Hoover Dam and the Strip… so basically I had a lot of bases to cover.

Shoes:  Normally I bring way too many shoes so I was really proud of myself when I brought just one pair of boots and one pair of heels.  I wore the boots all the times that heels weren’t appropriate.  The only time I missed sandals or slip ons was at breakfast.  It felt weird to wear knee high boots to breakfast when I hadn’t even showered yet.

Clothes:  Causal clothing is where I tend to over pack, you know, just in case!  So I convinced myself that I really only needed one pair of jeans and one jacket which I’d be wearing both on the plane.  Nothing added to the backpack!  Score!!  So I packed 4 shirts ranging from plain old casual to a bit dressy that would all work with the jeans I brought.  Made sure the dressy top matched the pair of heels and voila!  Another instant dressy outfit, just in case Brad Pitt invited me to dinner or something.  I did bring one nice dress that’s a trusty go-to and doesn’t get horribly wrinkled too easily.  Most hotels have an iron but who wants to do tons of that while on vacation?!  Not me!

Beauty Supplies:  I’m a little bit of a Sephora addict which means there are samples galore hiding in my bathroom (you can always ask for some at the store too if you don’t have them laying around).  For 2 days, I suppose I could live without my favorite face oils and creams.  And these little samples take up like no space and will likely be tossed over the trip.  Perfect because we did go shopping and the return flight was a little more challenging getting it all packed.  Damn you DKNY and you’re awesome purse deal.  I always pack my beauty stuff in a REI travel bag so it’s easy to whip out at the security line.  Pack it on the top of your backpack too for extra ease.  I didn’t bother with a hair dryer either.  There’s one in the hotel!

Purse:  A purse counted as a second personal item (lame, I know) so I need to squeeze that in there as well.  I chose to go with my beat up old Coach cross body bag that I love (and totally scored from the Goodwill).  I again had to decide on one casual bag that worked for all occasions.  However, I did bring a little fancy clutch for our nice dinner out too.  I mean, I am a fashionista afterall!  Let’s not go too crazy.

This was totally a personal challenge that I feel like I nailed.  Normally, there is so much that doesn’t get worn in my suitcase so going forward I’m really going to try to plan better.  Yeah… Right…


Hike to the Northern Point of Oahu

Hiking in Hawaii

When I think of hiking in Hawaii, I think lush tropical flowers, waterfalls, and vine canopied trails.  Not so  much on this hike.  The manager of the house we rented suggested we take a hike to the Northern tip of Oahu to catch a glimpse of seals lounging on the beach and get an amazing sunset view.  Sounded great!

Well, the hike was not exactly as described.  It was essentially an off-roading track thats main features included tire tracks, empty beer cans, and panties left behind.  Not exactly the picturesque trail we were expecting.  We turned back after talking to someone that said we had a long ways to go… by car.  Since we didn’t want to be walking back in the dark and wine on the beach sounded so much better, we turned around.

The best part was climbing over the rocks along the beach.  Here are some shots of that portion of our walk.  The moral of the story, take advice with a grain of salt and make the time to research the destination yourself.  Oopsy!

Wandering in heels

Rocky Beach

hillside of oahu

Random office chair left behind

Random office chair left behind

rocky beach

Wandering in heels

Wandering in heels hiking

Top: Equipment,  Swimsuit: J.Crew, Shorts: Jolt, Shoes: Toms