48 Hours in Vegas in 1 Backpack

BackpackBackpack: Ghurka, Fishnet Clutch: Lulu’s, Cosmetic’s Case (used for undergarments): Marc by Marc Jacobs, T-Shirts: J.Crew, Dress: House of Eleven c/o, Heels: Sole Society, Blouse: MSGM

For those of you following me on instagram (@WanderingInHeels), you know I did a last minute trip to Vegas last weekend.  For my return flight, I flew Spirit Air because it was significantly cheaper than any other flights.  However, they’re a bare bones penny pinching kind of airline.  You even have to pay for water on the flight!  So that being said, it was an additional $35 to bring a carry-on.  That’s right… no carry-ons allowed.  But you can bring one personal item as long as it fits under your seat.  I stared blankly already mentally whittling down what I was planning on bringing and then decided “Challenge Accepted, Spirit Air.”

So this is my guide for what to bring for 48 hours in Vegas all in one backpack.  I won’t lie to you and say it fit easily, but it fit (after I extended the snaps).  We were staying at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa so I needed a variety of outfits.  I needed one look for a nice dinner out, a swim suit, comfortable shoes for walking both the Hoover Dam and the Strip… so basically I had a lot of bases to cover.

Shoes:  Normally I bring way too many shoes so I was really proud of myself when I brought just one pair of boots and one pair of heels.  I wore the boots all the times that heels weren’t appropriate.  The only time I missed sandals or slip ons was at breakfast.  It felt weird to wear knee high boots to breakfast when I hadn’t even showered yet.

Clothes:  Causal clothing is where I tend to over pack, you know, just in case!  So I convinced myself that I really only needed one pair of jeans and one jacket which I’d be wearing both on the plane.  Nothing added to the backpack!  Score!!  So I packed 4 shirts ranging from plain old casual to a bit dressy that would all work with the jeans I brought.  Made sure the dressy top matched the pair of heels and voila!  Another instant dressy outfit, just in case Brad Pitt invited me to dinner or something.  I did bring one nice dress that’s a trusty go-to and doesn’t get horribly wrinkled too easily.  Most hotels have an iron but who wants to do tons of that while on vacation?!  Not me!

Beauty Supplies:  I’m a little bit of a Sephora addict which means there are samples galore hiding in my bathroom (you can always ask for some at the store too if you don’t have them laying around).  For 2 days, I suppose I could live without my favorite face oils and creams.  And these little samples take up like no space and will likely be tossed over the trip.  Perfect because we did go shopping and the return flight was a little more challenging getting it all packed.  Damn you DKNY and you’re awesome purse deal.  I always pack my beauty stuff in a REI travel bag so it’s easy to whip out at the security line.  Pack it on the top of your backpack too for extra ease.  I didn’t bother with a hair dryer either.  There’s one in the hotel!

Purse:  A purse counted as a second personal item (lame, I know) so I need to squeeze that in there as well.  I chose to go with my beat up old Coach cross body bag that I love (and totally scored from the Goodwill).  I again had to decide on one casual bag that worked for all occasions.  However, I did bring a little fancy clutch for our nice dinner out too.  I mean, I am a fashionista afterall!  Let’s not go too crazy.

This was totally a personal challenge that I feel like I nailed.  Normally, there is so much that doesn’t get worn in my suitcase so going forward I’m really going to try to plan better.  Yeah… Right…