Book Review: This Little Piggy Went to Prada

Picture 1

This little book of nursery rhymes with a designer name twist are about as silly as they come… in a good way!  It’s perfect for those fashionistas with little fashionistas in training for a fun bedtime alternative.  The book does have the original nursery rhymes in the back too.  It’s nice because it had really been awhile since I last heard them so some of the “Prada” ones I was a tad confused at first!  The watercolor art in the book is also really beautiful and quite fun.  In honor of all these delicious rhymes… I’ve written a haiku for you! Hey, that rhymed!

I needed a new pair of shoes

So, of course, I needed those Choos

I went to the bank

but my statement was blank

So I started to sing the blues