Sunrise Over Tokoriki

DSCN0560The sunrise from the top of Tokoriki Island was hands down one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever experienced.  The orangey-pink skies were some of my favorite colors hovering over my newest favorite place.  It’s really hard to describe the beauty.  The way up there was quite a steep hike and at 5:15 am, it’s somehow even more difficult.  I almost passed up the opportunity to see this for a little extra snooze time but I’m so happy I peeled myself out of bed!  It was just the most stunning and romantic experience!





Hawaiian Sunset Montage

Sunrise in Oahu

As a finale to my Hawaiian adventure, I’ve compiled all the beautiful sunset/sunrise shots from throughout the trip.  I never really did get used to the time change so I was up by 6 am and usually passed out embarrassingly early every day.  I actually liked it because I got to see both the sunset and sunrise!  I’m everything a morning person is not so I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunrise!  I have to say… I kind of like them!!

Thanks for following me on my Hawaiian Adventure!  We have a few other trips in the works and I can’t wait to share more details with you when everything gets nailed down.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@WanderingHeels) for all the details!

Sunset in Hawaii

lava skies

Ocean sunetHawaiian SkySunrise over a mountainSunset at the KahalaSunset at the north shore


Resort Review: The Kahala Resort

Rainbow over Hawaii

I don’t even know where to start with The Kahala Resort.  It’s so luxurious and amazing!  Coming here was a total surprise from my honey for our 4 year so as we walked in, I was floored.  Not to mention my eyes welled up with excitement when I saw the dolphins (see my last post for pictures of the happiest girl in the world and her dolphin pal).

We might be the luckiest people to have gotten an upgrade to the 9th floor with views of the ocean and the dolphin lagoon.  We were able to sit on the balcony, enjoy our celebratory mimosas, and watch the dolphins play frisbee with their trainers.  The Kahala is also a hugely popular place for weddings and we saw at least 3 happening daily.

The resort is a place for relaxation and since cabanas come with the room, we spent many hours soaking up some rays, eating lunch in the sand, and snorkeling the reef that starts just feet from the shore.  You can paddle board, kayak, and do yoga classes on a paddle board as well but we decided to be lazy so swimming and snorkeling were our activities of choice.

The Kahala is also home to Aracino, one of the best Italian restaurants we’ve ever been to.  We had the 5 course meal with wine pairing and could hardly believe how delicious everything was.  The service was amazing as well and they were able to answer all Tyler’s questions about the meal (he’s an aspiring chef so there were many questions!).  If you’re on Oahu, I highly recommend coming here for dinner.  It’s one of the top 3 meals I’ve ever had so this is an absolute must-visit in my book.

Overall, The Kahala has everything a relaxing Hawaiian resort should have.  I did not want to go home at all after staying here.  I mean, life is good but there’s just something about a vacation that makes everything even rosier.  5 stars Kahala… 5 stars…

You would have found me in this position often

You would have found me in this position often

The Grand Entrance of The Kahala Resort

The Grand Entrance of The Kahala Resort

Super excited about the view for our balcony

Super excited about the view for our balcony

I loved watching the sea turtles swim

I loved watching the sea turtles swim

The view from our balcony

The view from our balcony

Sunset in Oahu

Sunset on the balcony

Sunrise in Oahu

Sunrise on the balcony

Swimming Pool at the Kahala

Look at those people doing that exercise thing *sips mimosa*

Look at those people doing that exercise thing *sips mimosa*

There's a gorgeous wall of orchids that leeds down to the beach

There’s a gorgeous wall of orchids on the way down to the beach


Iceland: Where the Sunrise Lasts for Hours

DSC00532As I’m sitting here in sweltering heat (did I mention our house doesn’t have A/C?), I can’t help but think back to some of our vacations to cooler climates.  One of the coldest places we’ve visited, and my favorite place so far, was Iceland in December of 2010.  It’s probably one of the most geographically stunning places I’ve ever been.  We did a Golden Circle tour that took us to many of the highlights of Iceland.  Now, I’m not a tour person who likes to be shuttled with a bunch of other tourists on a giant bus and herded through the top tourist spots.  This was on so much of a smaller scale that we felt like we had a private tour.  At one point the tour guide lets us out and tells us to hike to the top of this glacier.  He won’t be joining us… he’ll meet us at the top!  As he’s driving away leaving the 8 of us alone with nobody else in sight, we have no other choice but to climb.  And once we got to the top, where the picture above was taken, it was worth every frozen step.

Of course, no trip to Iceland would be complete without visiting The Blue Lagoon.  This geothermal spa is exactly what you need after a long flight.  We got picked up from the airport and went directly to The Blue Lagoon and I highly recommend it.  You can float in the mineral rich water to unwind, spoil yourself with an in water massage, and grab a glass of champagne in the lounge.  Just what the doctor ordered to sooth that jet lag!

Another favorite point about our visit in December, was that the sun rises at about 11am and sets about 3pm.  So you know what that means?!  The sunrises and sunsets last for hours!!  The sun hovers just above the horizon giving us all the gorgeous pinks, oranges, and golds you could ever imagine.  It’s a beautiful display of nature.  But what that means is you can’t rely on the sun to keep you warm.  I’m totally a cold weather wimp so if I told you how many layers I wore, you’d probably laugh at me.  That being said, the locals looked super chic in leggings, a knit dress, boots (or booties!), hidden beneath a warm coat and scarf to be removed immediately before entering an establishment.  Check out my what to wear suggestions below!  Overall, I’d say this is a must visit place.  I’ll be going back again for sure!!





WTW Iceland

Jacket: Vince Camuto,  Dress: Diane von Furstenberg, Tights: DKNY, Boots: Stuart Weitzman